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A Helping Hand in Vietnam

By July 27, 2018News

It’s always great to hear good news stories from our members and this one is awesome.

In June last year Gary Deering, life member of Exmouth VFRS and past NW Zone representative for the Association, was holidaying in Vietnam when he came across a large firefighting drill (involving in excess of 20 vehicles, of all ages and makes). It was a hot and humid day, and while there may have been substantial language difficulties, this was no barrier to him stepping up and helping the crews with dragging and rolling hoses.  He even shouted everyone a round of Powerade when everything was done.  He also noticed that many of the trucks were old, PPE was very limited and some of the equipment should have been on display in a museum.

One truck in particular took his eye.

Fast forward 12 months….

Off to Vietnam again for Gary.  This time, he was accompanied by a 38mm crusader fire hose complete with Stortz fittings (packed in his luggage), destined for the Quang -Nam fire station Hoi An.

Gary had a lovely morning being shown around the fire station, chatting to the fire chief with the aid of Seven, guest liaison manager from the Little Hoi An Boutique Hotel. The chief explained that while the crews were not volunteers, they were not well paid, and decided to work as firefighters to make their community a better and safer place.

Awesome work Mr Deering!