Our History

In 1862, the Government of Western Australia imported a manual fire engine that was placed under the control of the Pensioners (Militia) at the Barracks on St Georges Terrace.The first official fire brigade in Western Australia was the volunteer fire brigade established at Fremantle on the 20th October 1885; (Perth had approved a volunteer fire brigade in 1884, but were slow to progress). The influx of men from eastern colonies in search of gold saw the development of fire brigades throughout country areas of WA during the 1890’s.

These brigades were obviously volunteer fire brigades because the then Government could not afford to employ people as firefighters throughout these country areas.

Nothing has changed. Today, as in the past, Governments cannot afford to employ career firefighters from Kununurra to Esperance.

The Western Australian Volunteer Fire Brigades Association (as it was then known) was formed April 1898, to provide a single voice on behalf of the to ensure that WA maintains and continually develops its Volunteer Fire and Rescue Service Brigades.

We support and encourage the progress of Fire and Rescue Service volunteer Brigade members and their Brigades through representation; promote the fitness and discipline of volunteer firefighters and the improvement of firefighting skills through competitions; and develop a community understanding, knowledge and respect for the Volunteer Fire and Rescue Service.

The Association provides representation to over 90 Volunteer Fire and Rescue Service Brigades from Kununurra to Esperance to Kalgoorlie – including 5 private Brigades – Leinster, Paraburdoo, Pannawonica, Tom Price and Murrin Murrin.

Our Partners

Our Experience

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The Association is an incorporated Volunteer organisation which, other than the service of a full time Executive Officer and a part time Office Administrator, relies on the contribution of individual volunteer firefighters’ expertise, commitment and time.

The Executive Committee is made up of 14 volunteer representatives – 2 from each of the 7 Zones, plus the Association Executive Officer, and the Administration Officer.

The Zones are based on the DFES Regions. The following Zones have the following numbers:

  • Northwest Zone = 14
  • Northern Zone = 11
  • Central Wheatbelt Zone = 15
  • Metropolitan Zone = 10
  • Great Southern Zone = 16
  • Southwest Zone = 19
  • Goldfields Zone = 12 Brigades

These volunteer representatives are nominated and voted on by the Brigades in their respective Zone. This is very important as it provided Brigades with a voice to ensure their views are heard and that these views are highlighted to the other members of the Executive Committee and where required, represented to DFES.

Our Values

  • Put the community first
  • Work together as a committed team
  • Respect and value each other
  • Continuously improve our services
  • Act with integrity and honesty
  • Have open and honest two-way communications
  • Strive to keep ourselves and others safe