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State Government to establish Rural Fire Service

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29/09/2016 10:15 AM
  • Rural Fire Service to be established
  • A new Office of Emergency Management to be established

The Liberal National Government will support all 17 recommendations of the Special Inquiry into the January 2016 Waroona Fire by Euan Ferguson AFSM, including the implementation of a Rural Fire Service, Premier Colin Barnett said today.

“Mr Ferguson has recommended the establishment of a Rural Fire Service and emphasises the importance of local knowledge and experience in fighting bushfires in his report,” Mr Barnett said.

“The State’s volunteer firefighters do a magnificent job and their expertise in fighting bush fires needs to be better utilised.

“The State Government will establish a Rural Fire Service as either a separate agency or sub-department of the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES).

“Consultation will take place with relevant agencies such as the Department of Parks and Wildlife, DFES, local government, volunteer firefighters and the United Firefighters Unions of WA to investigate the best model.”

Emergency Services Minister Joe Francis said that significantly, the implementation of many of the recommendations had already started ahead of this year’s bushfire season.

“Western Australia has suffered terrifying and catastrophic fires in recent years, and we will do everything we can to respond accordingly,” Mr Francis said.

“The State Government also supported in principle all 23 agency opportunities for improvement identified by Mr Ferguson.”

Regional Development and Lands Minister Terry Redman said work was underway to address bushfire risk on Government-owned land which would be supported with an additional $15 million over four years from Royalties for Regions.

“The need for a greater emphasis on preventing and mitigating risk on Crown land was identified as a key issue by Mr Ferguson and the Government has reacted swiftly to allocate additional funding to this area ahead of the 2016-17 bushfire season,” Mr Redman said.

“The increased funding will be accessible to various State Government agencies responsible for land within and adjacent to regional townsites as part of Government’s strong desire to see a more co-ordinated approach to address risks on Crown land.”

Many of Mr Ferguson’s recommendations were being implemented ahead of the upcoming bushfire season.  These included:

  • establishing five pre-formed multi agency incident management teams for level 3 incidents, which include representation from both Government and volunteers
  • installing Automated Vehicle Location Systems in vehicles and appliances at a cost of $2.4 million
  • establishing a $2.8 million critical messaging system by November 2016 which will issue warnings and provide advice on fire danger ratings and total fire bans.  The information will be available on a new Emergency WA website to be promoted through the Are You Ready bushfire campaign
  • issuing identification cards to DFES volunteers in high-risk regions.

A new Office of Emergency Management (OEM), comprising the State Emergency Management Committee Secretariat and the Office of Bushfire Risk Management will also be established.

There would also be an independent review into the Emergency Services Levy.

“The new OEM will have a quality assurance role and report directly to the Minister for Emergency Services,” Mr Francis said.

“From the public comments received in response to the Ferguson Report, the majority of stakeholders and community members were supportive of his recommendations.

“While the Government is moving as quickly as possible to enact measures ahead of the bushfire season, structural recommendations will be developed in a considered way to ensure that as a community, we are more resilient to emergencies in the future.”


Fact File

Premier’s office – 6552 5000

Emergency Services Minister’s office – 6552 6500

Regional Development and Lands Minister’s office – 6552 6700

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Minister:- Hon Joe Francis MLA, Hon Terry Redman MLA Subject:- New technology rollout to better protect firefighters Date:- 07-Oct-2016

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Friday, 7 October 2016
  • Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) technology project rollout
  • Made possible by $12.34 million in Royalties for Regions program funding
  • 700 appliances operating in high-risk bushfire areas to have AVL by December 1, 2016
  • Rollout is part of $15.4 million crew protection project

The safety of fire crews is being enhanced with the installation of Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) technology, which will increase the visibility of firefighting vehicles during large-scale bushfires.

Inspecting a demonstration of the AVL system today, Emergency Services Minister Joe Francis said the project was part of the Liberal National Government’s $15.4 million crew protection program, designed to protect volunteer and career firefighters who worked on the frontline.

“Bushfires are extremely unpredictable and dynamic, and all it can take is a sudden wind change for firefighters to find themselves in danger,” Mr Francis said.

“AVL technology means the incident controller will know the exact location of vehicles on the fire ground, improving crew co-ordination and management.

“The system also enables firefighters to activate an emergency distress alarm.”

AVL will be installed on 700 Department of Fire and Emergency Services and local government firefighting appliances operating in high-risk bushfire areas by December 1, 2016.

Regional Development Minister Terry Redman said the rollout of the AVL system in regional areas was made possible by $12.34 million in State Government Royalties for Regions program funding.

“Fighting fires is dangerous work – making that work safer is part of the Liberal National Government’s commitment to support the thousands of firefighters who help protect our communities each bushfire season,” Mr Redman said.

“With the bushfire season approaching, the investment in AVL technology will help to keep our firefighters safer as they protect our communities.”

Fact File

  • Under the crew protection project, nearly 1,230 firefighting appliances have been fitted with radiant heat shields and 3,700 burnover blankets installed
  • Work is also underway to install 980 water deluge and in-cab air breathing systems, lagging and panels to protect vital equipment such as vehicle wiring, water and fuel lines

Emergency Services Minister’s office – 6552 6500

Regional Development Minister’s office – 6552 6700

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