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Feedback on the Chaplaincy Service

By September 29, 2018News

DFES is currently conducting a Chaplaincy Service Review. This review looks at the current Chaplaincy Program, seeking to determine if it should be continued. It is the view of the Association that the Chaplaincy Service has been useful to members in the past, and we would like to see support for our members continue in this or a similar capacity.

However, we would like to get some feedback from our members regarding the service. Even if you have not used the chaplaincy service, this would be a good time to start thinking about the kinds of things you value in a support service, such as what currently works and what doesn’t, what would be personally helpful to you, what the service should include, best service delivery methods (online, face-to-face) etc.

Please send any comments to admin@frsvols.asn.au