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By September 29, 2018News

As advised to all Brigades via email on 9th August, the Association and DFES have agreed to a new, revised VFRS Pathway that meets the training needs of our Service, Brigades and Members.

A copy of the Pathway, and the implementation guide, is attached for your information.

Some points to note:

*   Each of the roles will be its own Pathway (this is a system limitation), however the system will recognise when a particular competency has already been completed and will not ask you to re-complete the course;

*   The only roles that have a specific order in which the courses need to be undertaken are Appliance Driver, Bush Fire Fighting, Structural Firefighting and HazMat (these are designated by black arrows between the courses); and

*   The Leadership course information at the bottom of the page is still under development and is suggested only at this stage.

The old VFF1 pathway has been renamed “Probationary Fire Fighter” and has 3 courses within it – Introduction to Firefighting, Rural Bush Firefighting and Foundation Courses (note the communications courses have not yet been written).  These are effectively the existing components of VFF1 that have been renamed and the duplication between courses removed.

Brigades have the option to train the Probationary Fire Fighter program at a Brigade level if:

  1. They have an appropriately qualified trainer/assessor within their Brigade who is qualified on the relevant course who is willing to provide the training; or
  2. An appropriately qualified trainer/assessor from another Brigade who is qualified on the relevant course who is willing to provide the training; and
  3. Assessments are undertaken by someone external to the Brigade (preferably an AO/DO with appropriate competencies) who has appropriate trainer/assessor qualifications in the relevant course.

If your Brigade does not have somebody who is qualified to undertake the training, or your Brigade would prefer that all of your training is provided by DFES staff, this is entirely up to your Brigade.  Should you be advised that your Brigade MUST complete this training in house, please contact the Association Office as soon as possible.

It is intended that this pathway will be reviewed 12 months after it is rolled out, so that we can ensure it is meeting the needs of the VFRS members, so please provide feedback to your Zone training representatives at any time.