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Results of the National Volunteer Welfare and Efficiency Survey

By June 20, 2019News

The 2018 Volunteer Welfare and Efficiency Survey attracted responses from 5,939 fire service volunteers from across Australia, except South Australia. It gives leaders and decision-makers clear feedback, direct from volunteers, about how those settings and arrangements are impacting their welfare and efficiency. This should help focus discussions about priorities and actions needed to address volunteer concerns.

The survey is one of the biggest volunteer-based emergency services welfare and efficiency surveys in Australia. As such it plays an important role to give a voice to volunteer views.

Volunteer Satisfaction:

  • 80% of respondents indicated they are satisfied with their volunteer role
  • 85% of respondents indicated they intend to continue in their volunteer role
  • 81% would recommend being a fire service volunteer to others

By contrast, the average across the sector for volunteers being satisfied with how they are treated by their agency was at a low 65%.

To access the report, click the link below: