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Southern Cross Picnic Demo Results

By February 23, 2021News

We hope everyone who participated in the Southern Cross Picnic Demo over the weekend has recovered well.

From a competition perspective, it was a “good hit out” and a great celebration of brigade service afterwards.

Many thanks to Spud and the crew, for not only for hosting the picnic competition and organising the formal event for recognition of service afterwards, but for providing us with a great example of how to create and maintain a healthy and vibrant culture within a brigade.  It is our sincere hope that this is somewhat contagious and it’ll help other brigades come up with similar ways of creating momentum within their own brigades.

We also need to thank the Kalamunda VFRS crew for coming all the way up to Southern Cross on the promise of a few service events.

They competed well and managed to pull places between first and third in all the events we ran. It also helped significantly with our understanding of how to actually do the runs.

Noteworthy, were the results of the Pumper Breech event.  All three teams that ran this managed to stuff it up in their own unique way, but the time variance between first and third was less than 5 seconds!

Click here for all the results from the Southern Cross Picnic Demo.

Regarding the service events, TJ and Ross have a working theory that any more than 20 twists in the red 40mm hose will not “unspin” themselves automatically with the application of water pressure.  They look forward to refining this theory at Fremantle next weekend.

For those competing next weekend at the State Opens, please drive safe and we will catch you down there.

Has your brigade considered putting together a running team?

Come down to the State Open’s on 27 and 28 February at Gilbert Fraser Reserve, North Fremantle and check out what the events are all about. The weekend will comprise of traditional games plus we are implementing modern firefighting games too. If you have any questions or would like to know more, contact Jodie by email at competition@vfrs.asn.au.