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Update on Group Call Replacement

By October 9, 2018News

Brigades would have received Operational Circular 71-2018 – Group Call Replacement Project, Outcomes of Launch Rollback – via email from the Association office on Friday 5th October (as part of the DFES Circulars issued 21/09 to 05/10).

Captains/Secretaries should make Brigade members aware of the new number that will appear (08 6173-7200) on their phones.  In addition, each Brigade has been assigned a new “Alert Number” to allow them to initial group calls themselves.  This is available from the Association office.

If your Brigade initiates Group Calls for your members, please contact Executive Officer Jodie Neuzerling via email executive@frsvols.asn.au and this will be provided to you.  Note, the number will not be provided to personal or work email addresses and will only be provided to the Brigade’s official email address.

If you have any queries, please contact Jodie.